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Irina Ardaeva

Irina Ardaeva was born and lives in Moscow, and though her early days as a designer were spent in England, first sketches of dresses for her favourite Disney princesses were drawn long before fashion schools. Her aesthetic preferences, mindset and oh, accent, were greatly affected by this country.

She received an offer from Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts before her senior year in school, and while others were busy studying math and economics, Irina plunged into sewing, pattern cutting and development of her fashion portfolio.  She finished Theatre Arts foundation course at CSVPA and later went on to study women’s fashion design at the University of Arts London. And in her free time Irina also explored historic cutting and sewing techniques, as she was always interested in fashion history. Whereas fashion was always her primary interest, for the second university degree she chose economics, which appeared to be very useful when launching the brand.

As a designer Irina seeks ways to combine in bridal couture her love for theatrical aesthetics and fashion. She conveys her experience and knowledge into conceptual wedding outfits, with a flair of English eccentricity.

Natalia Vinogradova

Natalia Vinogradova discovered her passion for historic fashion at a young age and began designing and creating period costumes. While studying in arts school, she wanted to become a designer. But during senior year she changed her mind and entered Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov, department of the Theory and History of Fine Arts. Upon graduation Natalia got a job as a researcher at the State Historical Museum. Jewelry and fashion became her main academic interest, resulting in the series of successful fashion exhibitions (exhibition “Handsome Man. Russian fashionable of the mid 18th — early 20th century” was shortlisted as “Best exhibition of 2017” by The Art Newspaper), books and lecture series. Natalia also finished advanced courses “Theory and Industry of Fashion” at MSU.

One day Natalia and Irina have finally met and this acquaintance turned out to be life-changing, as Natalia’s lifelong dream of starting her own fashion brand was coming true.

In the bridal couture brand Natalia sees an opportunity to implement her knowledge, whether it be an old embroidery technique or understanding of current fashion trends with the ambitious goal of creating the perfect wedding dress.

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