Moscow, Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya, 10/9


Palimpsest — is the first collection from VIAN bridal dress.

Elaborately designed, it was inspired by the beauty of traditional Russian costume. 

The name of the collection very accurately reflects its concept.    

Term "palimpsest" is used for parchment in which original text has been erased and replaced with new one, however traces of the old text are still visible. And so in our collection, through new forms and materials, details of traditional Russian costume can be seen. 

Ph: Yana Terekhova

Assistant: Dmitry Taran

Md: Alla Gutnikova, Manana Totibadze

Muah: Natalia Chernusskaya

Outfit: Adidas

Pp: Kate Braun

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